Wirrabara Hotel 1874


The Wirrabara Hotel is etched with the history of the town and it's surrounding areas. Historical photos hanging on the walls tell of a time when the Wirrabara Forrest rang with the sound of axes, steam engines and tree felling two man saws. Of a time when the pioneers who settled the area and the town where creating history.

Hand drawn caricatures of the many local characters that have drank and enjoyed themselves at the bar stand as a testemant to the importance of the local pub to a small country town. Established in the later part of the 19th century the hotel has grown in sync with what people consider to be a friendly and positive town.



Who shot the clock?

ClockMany stories are told of the early days, none more interesting than the story of the clock that sits in the bar adorned with a bullet hole and the hands stopped at 6.00 O'clock... Set in the late 1800s - Malcolm Murray was spoken of as a genial, good natured and generous man until be went on a bender and his behaviour became erratic. It is said that the tales (tall stories) told of his escapades would fill a book and a very interesting one at that. These were the days of 6 O'clock closing. Malcolm unhappy at the idea decided to stop the clock so he whipped out his revolver and put a billet into it leaving the hands set at 6pm.

Malcolm, a thoughtful man, presented the publican with a new clock but the old one still hangs as a momento and a connection with the hotels colourful past.




The Bullock TeamMany refits and alterations have been made during the years but the original buildings character remains. 19th century architecture, workmanship and building materials allow visitors to enjoy the feelings of country life and experience the buildings uniqueness, beauty and heritage. Furnishings have been chosen to compliment the style and age of the building.


A good hotel has a great atmosphere and the Wirrabara Hotel has the genuine feel of a traditional country pub. Barry, Judy and Staff invite you to come and taste a little bit of the local history and sample their hospitality!